About Us

We are a small, active church within the United Church of Canada .

We offer Sunday worship, as well as outreach, fellowship, and faith formation.

Our key tenants are Faith, Love, Fellowship and Respect. In all things we grow together.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our staff or drop by on a Sunday morning so we can meet you!

Messages from our Members


“In 1971 the Cooke family of seven settled in Oakville. One of our first determinations was to  find a church to nurture our faith. It wasn’t long before we were warmly welcomed at Trinity United on Sewell Dr. Though small in congregation, its spirit was mighty! Soon , we were deeply involved in church family. In 1981 we had a new building  to accommodate a growing church family. Over the years, we have seen ministers come and go, each strengthening the faith and fellowship of Trinity United Church. I have also been part of many challenges and difficulties within our congregation from time to time. At one point , we lost a number of members, which meant a dwindling Sunday school as well. At this time, I tragically lost my husband, and many thought I also would leave. I knew in my soul I was to stay and be part of the growing life of Trinity. It continues to bring me loving friendships and a strengthening faith.”   -J. Cooke

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“I love Trinity first and foremost for the music we create together every Sunday. As I and my family have grown throughout our time at Trinity, I appreciate more and more the diverse and creative ways through which the church engages each of the members within the Trinity community. There is something for everyone, including movie nights, regular potluck dinners, and an annual Halloween bash for the kids. There is always something going on and we are a group who truly cares for one another; that is hard to find in today’s relatively disconnected world.” – J. Kalina


Linda and I have been regular members of Trinity United Church for over 40 years.

Many years ago I was a leader of our 30+ youth group which I truly enjoyed and still remain in touch with several of the members who now have families of their own.  Linda has been involved as our White Gift Coordinator for many years and gets great satisfaction in helping many less fortunate families in Oakville.

We remain at Trinity for a number of reasons. We definitely enjoy the fellowship and the many friends we have made over the years.  We enjoy the ministry that has lead us throughout our whole time at Trinity.  Trinity’s choir, we feel is one of the best in Oakville. We give thanks to the people who put the effort into growing our Sunday School programs and other Outreach.

We are very proud of our Church and never hesitate to encourage people to come and check us out when they are looking for a new place to worship.

(Ross is an avid golfer and not only plays the game but most years organizes the annual Golf tournament and dinner)  -The Roberts


I attend Trinity United because I know we have a friendly congregation that has always supported the community and our members with Christian love. My family and I have enjoyed membership since 1973. During this time we have been guided through life’s joys and sorrows by the caring ministers and members. I know Trinity will continue to be welcoming and helpful to everyone who attends . – R. Hunt

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