J. Cooke

“In 1971 the Cooke family of seven settled in Oakville. One of our first determinations was to  find a church to nurture our faith. It wasn’t long before we were warmly welcomed at Trinity United on Sewell Dr. Though small in congregation, its spirit was mighty! Soon , we were deeply involved in church family. In 1981 we had a new building  to accommodate a growing church family. Over the years, we have seen ministers come and go, each strengthening the faith and fellowship of Trinity United Church. I have also been part of many challenges and difficulties within our congregation from time to time. At one point , we lost a number of members, which meant a dwindling Sunday school as well. At this time, I tragically lost my husband, and many thought I also would leave. I knew in my soul I was to stay and be part of the growing life of Trinity. It continues to bring me loving friendships and a strengthening faith.”